Sync verification: Final results are in

Accuracy is key. Nobody wants to be out of time. Clocks showing wrong time are not an option.

As reported already, Iskratel’s GPON and XGS-PON equipment supports SyncE (Synchronous Ethernet) and PTP (Precision Time Protocol) for synchronisation of frequency and/or time. Synchronisation is essential in mobile backhaul and in specific industries.

To guarantee full conformance to the standards, and give operators full confidence with use of SI3000 Lumia OLTs for backhaul, Iskratel’s V&V team carried out measurements of synchronisation accuracy and performance on SI3000 Lumia G16 GPON OLTs and SI3000 Lumia XG8 XGS-PON OLTs.

The two products that support synchronisation with SyncE and PTPv2 can operate either as Ordinary clock (in slave and master modes) or as Boundary clock. To deliver clock via PON network, the products follow ITU-T G984.3 and ITU-T G.987.3 standards for GPON and XGS-PON, respectively. The products also support BMCA (Best Master Clock Algorithm) for redundancy.

And the final results? In all test cases, the clocks were off well below 70 nanoseconds – which categorises our products as Class B.

You’ll never miss the train again.