The birth of ComboPON: "It's alive."

In the farthest chambers of Iskratel’s R&D department, a real drama took place. Hidden from the eyes of the world, the team of specialists brought Iskratel’s next-generation ComboPON OLT to life.

They claim that the new-born is healthy and fine, and that it came to the world with 16 ComboPON OLT ports that can provide high-speed services to thousands of XGS-PON and GPON end users from a single compact 1U OLT.

Named SI3000 Lumia C16, the baby is network-processor based, so its feature set and performances can be tuned in microcode. Since its parents fully master the OMCI stack, they can quickly adapt it to address any interoperability issues. While connected to the network with 1/10/25/100G uplink interfaces, the SI3000 Lumia C16 is equipped with new debugging tools – such as network tracing – and an embedded OMCI analyser.

And exclusively – here is a sneak peek at the new-born, and how the experts made it make the first breathe.