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Avtomotive Exchange

Infor Automotive Exchange is the automotive demand management solution for automotive suppliers. It extends and complements traditional ERP business processes, supports standard automotive business practices, and supports trading partner variations of standard business practices.

Integrated Solutions Powered by Infor ION Technology

Infor Automotive Exchange leverages the power of Infor ION technology, seamlessly integrating with other applications connected to Infor ION, and encompasses a comprehensive suite of software components.

Components of Infor Automotive Exchange

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Infor Automotive Exchange Master Data

Is a comprehensive application that manages crucial master data, including code lists and codes, utilized by Automotive Exchange components.

Infor Automotive Exchange Print Manager

Is a centralized application that handles printing and print request management for Automotive Exchange components

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Infor Automotive Exchange Export Manager

is a solution for shipping and international trade, shipment information and invoice data, processing it through workflow for generating documents, and allowing manual editing.

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Infor Automotive Exchange Sales Order Release Management

Transformation Services convert messages related to delivery orders, shipment schedules, and planning schedules to Shipment Schedule, Planning Schedule, and Sequence Schedule.

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Infor Automotive Exchange Transformation services

Is a versatile module that enables data transformation, allowing the conversion of various structured data formats from one format to another, with specific rules tailored to business processes.

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Infor Automotive Exchange Exchange Services

Is the exchange of outbound and inbound EDI messages between Transformation Services and trading partners, and offering advanced security and high-speed Internet capabilities.

Automotive Exchange functional areas

Transformation services

Transformation Services is the universal message transformation engine of Automotive Exchange. Transformation Services enable you to manage and monitor the automatic EDI communication with your customers and trading partners according to the requirements of their business processes. If required, messages can be imported, edited, and adjusted manually.

Release Management

Release Management is the planning application for customer release orders in Automotive Exchange. Release Management enables you to manage and monitor the automatic release orders of your customers and trading partners according to the requirements of their business processes. Imported contracts from the connected ERP system are the basis for the processing of release orders. Shipments and inventory consumption are imported from the ERP system.


This functional area in Automotive Exchange covers the comprehensive requirements in automotive export, shipping, and carrier business, but is not limited to automotive use. Shipping imports shipment information and commercial and proforma invoice information from the connected ERP system. The imported information is shown in the Shipping area and processed according to the configured workflow. As one step of the workflow the information is used to print documents and labels, for example, barcode labels, waybills, and advance ship notices.


You must ensure that no financial transactions take place with persons or organizations listed on sanctions lists. No goods may be delivered to these persons or organizations. The Compliance area monitors names and addresses of companies and persons. It checks each address against all important international anti-terror sanctions lists. The Compliance area updates the lists and automatically performs and writes the verification results into a log file. If there are matching addresses, then a warning is generated.

Administrative Functions

Automotive Exchange offers administrative functions to manage additional data and master data that are used by the functional areas Transformation Services, Release Management, and Shipping. Usually, master data is automatically imported from an ERP system. Sometimes, special master data cannot be provided by the ERP system. This information can be stored and managed in the Administrative Functions area. The master data management can be used as a stand-alone solution.

Exchange Services

As a separate web application, Exchange Services is used to manage and monitor the EDI message exchange between external trading partners and applications that are connected to Infor ION. Exchange Services sends outbound EDI messages from Transformation Services to external business partners, receives inbound EDI messages from trading partners, sends them to Transformation Services, and polls for data.


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