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Infor CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing

Infor manufacturing software solutions are built from the ground up to meet the needs of modern industrial manufacturing operations, industry-specific approach offers you features out of the box with less customization and faster deployments.

Built for Industrial Manufacturers

CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing is an industry cloud platform that connects every business process to transform customer service, operational efficiency and ensure future business agility.

Major ERP upgrades are a thing of the past with Infor CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing. The service’s Cloud based digital platform ensures the latest features and functionality, based on industry best practices and using the highest-level security protocols available. It also delivers a fast and significant return on investment, speeding time to value with fast deployment.

Discrete manufacturers around the world depend on Infor’s manufacturing software system, CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, to give them the visibility needed to quickly respond to customer, supplier, and regulatory needs—without requiring any software customizations.

Enterpise resource planning

Industry focus with micro-vertikal suites and flexible deployment options on premise or Cloud.

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Contract & program management

Enables control of contracts structure, the needed language they should contain and questions to suppliers ahead of executing agreements.

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Manufacturing execution

Delivers the right information at the right time to everyone on the shop dloor, driving efficiency and quality in manufacturing execution.

Factory track

Manufacturers can manage inventory, track labor, and automate their time and attendance operations.

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Supply chain planning and execution

Offers a unified approach to automating complex warehouse and transportation management processes.

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Product lifecycle management

Accelerate development of new/revised products and ensures complilance with standards and regulations.

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Business intelligence

Birst’s unique approach to business intelligence and analytics helps improve profitability, reduce costs and increase revenues.

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Enterprise asset management

Solution for tracking assets, digitalizing maintenance operations, and enabling customers to reach optimum operational efficiency.

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Aftermarket service

Includes warranty, rebate and claim management also includes resource planning, field service and depot repair.

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Human workforce management

Solution built on proven technology platform that delivers time and attendance, workforce scheduling and absence management tools.

A competitive industrial manufacturing advantage

Product innovation & personalization

  • Projects to manage all development & resource activity, and automatic track and costs.
  • Ability to support increased product options and faster time to deploy new options/features/products.
  • Bridge front & back-office for seamless opportunity to order process flow.
  • Product configuration configures unit, determines price & allocates supply.
  • Engineering release to control production revisions and phase-in dates.

Increasingly complex supply chain networks

  • Multisite demand & supply planning; master and order plans; distributions, production and purchasing.
  • Automated inventory planning & balancing.
  • Standardized supplier and buyer activities, analytics & reports from single screen.
  • Transparency and data sharing with suppliers and customers.
  • Document capture & scan to automatically enter, match & approve AP.
  • Advance notification (ASN) & electronic data exchange (EDI) for inventory transactions.

Cost reduction with increasing operational complexity

  • Efficient and simplified shop floor and fulfillment operations
  • Actual vs planned hours reporting for improved efficiencies; flexible use standards (backflush) and actual reporting
  • Global sourcing enablement (economies of scale), RFQ & Supplier management
  • Control and visibility of outsourced operations; subcontract operations synch-up outsourced activity with internal operations
  • Global Footprint and infrastructure with regional alignment

Expansion of service & parts business

  • Consolidated order entry across multiple sales channels across multiple fulfillment sites
  • Order promising (ATP/CTP). Acknowledgement, ASNs & shipment tracking
  • Remanufacturing, service and warranty management is fully integrated with all business areas
  • One place to track everything about a serial number/warranty and take it down to the end-user level
  • Service orders capture all costs associated with remanufacturing for accurate profitability analysis
  • Flexible refurbish/remanufacture process for invoice, unit stock, return to customer or disposal

Tranformation in industrial manufacturing

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Offer a unique manufacturing product and experience

Manage strategic configurations and accelerate product innovation by leveraging product lifecycle management with embedded regulatory, quality and supply chain impact analysis. Project control can be enabled with work breakdown structures, scheduling, costing, detailed project pegging and analytics.

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ERP for manufacturing decreases operational complexity

Facilitate productivity, planning, and production to improve quality, while reducing costs. Also is important to support multiple manufacturing models: engineer-to-order, configure to order and repetitive. Do not forget to enable shop floor automation and increase workforce management effectiveness.

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Optimize supply chain planning, management, and fulfillment

Gain end-to-end supply chain visibility and leverage collaborative communication to increase efficiencies. It is important to optimize sales and operations planning and also to leverage supply chain planning and optimization. Optimize sales, operations planning and invetory planning.

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Experience digital transformation in industrial manufacturing

Achieve Industry 4.0 capabilities with digital transformation. Leverage deep, industry functionality on secure cloud platform with configurable extensions and personalization, instead of customization. Experience Infor’s multi-tenant deployment in the AWS® cloud. Integrate IoT, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics capabilities.


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