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Business Continuity

Selecting a technology and implementing a business continuity plan strengthens the ability of any organization, regardless of its industry, size or revenue, to overcome an incident and to continue delivering products or services at an acceptable, predefined level.

Business continuity

Any form of business interruption, regardless of its cause, inevitably has a detrimental effect on a company’s operations, market share, and reputation. Hence, our approach revolves around establishing a robust business continuity system that allows organizations to seamlessly deliver its core business functions even during extraordinary events. We can help you develop new business continuity plans or optimize your existing ones.

Once or twice a year, we conduct regular verification exercises to assess the relevance and effectiveness of your business continuity plan. The successful performance of the business continuity plan test and the mitigation of risk exposure are our primary drivers. We follow the international standard ISO 22301, which encompasses the general requirements for implementing, maintaining and continuously improving a business continuity management system.

Selecting Kontron as a partner to implement the best technology solution and a business continuity plan highly increases your business’s level of readiness to maintain critical functions after an emergency or disruption.

Key features of a business continuity plan

Business continuity policy

We identify the steps, roles and resources to implement business continuity in case of an emergency or disruption.

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Reducing Risk

We conduct a business impact and a risk analysis and develop appropriate actions and a plan for their execution.

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Optimizing investments and benefits

To be able to choose the optimal solution from a range of options, we employ a multi-criteria decision tree that incorporates strategic approaches to business continuity in the event of disruption.

Practical approach

Plans reflect the maturity of the organization. By starting with simpler plans, we can progressively enhance and expand them during annual reviews.

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We know that data is an asset for any organization with varying needs to store, process, transfer and secure it. We have extensive experience and use a broad range of solutions from major equipment makers so we can build an optimal and vendor-agnostic data center that’s fully tailored to your needs.

Learn more about modern approaches to building data centers and see if your business is also facing the challenges that often arise when designing data centers for rapidly growing environments.

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