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Container Technologies

Modern application solutions are based on the architectural principle of microservices. When implementing this architecture, containers emerge as the most suitable choice.

Container technologies

Containers are an alternative to virtual machines that directly use system resources and OS-level virtualization to manage and create applications. They are lightweight, secure and independent from each other. The failure of a single container has virtually no impact on overall performance compared to the failure of a virtual server.

Container technology is becoming an increasingly appealing choice for Slovenian enterprises looking to run cutting-edge applications. Some of the existing applications developed in the traditional manner are already difficult to update, integrate and extend, which can turn into a hurdle when you are looking to create new and innovative digital experiences for your customers and users. Container technology can empower developers of cutting-edge apps to develop faster and deliver more secure and powerful apps to your users.

Key advantages of Container Technologies?

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Containers can improve your resource utilization and optimize costs, allowing you to adjust application performance based on your current needs without disrupting operations.


High availability applications

Container technology supports your high availability efforts by ensuring that applications continue to run even if individual servers fail or there are other network issues.

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Efficient resource utilization

Container technology allows apps to share the same servers and other resources, resulting in improved hardware utilization, reduced infrastructure costs, and a more environmentally sustainable solution.

Microservice orchestration and management

Microservices have become a popular approach to building modern applications. However, managing them may be complex, which is why containers streamline their use, management and delivery.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions - VMware Virtual Cloud Foundation (VCF)

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