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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data loss prevention is a solution that helps you unobtrusively and transparently monitor how data is used, centralize management of data handling policies and protect against accidental and intentional data leaks.

Data Loss Prevention

Implementing a data loss prevention (DLP) solution is a crucial step towards improved security of your business. It provides proven measures for confidential data discovery, management and protection, regardless of whether they are stored or in use. It allows companies to mitigate risks measurably and tangibly, helps demonstrate compliance to regulatory authorities and finally protects their reputation and intellectual property.

It enables users to access and use data for business purposes while at the same time preventing abuse or the disclosure of data to the wrong parties. The system allows you to monitor compliance with adopted security policies and rules for using business data and information and raise the user awareness of proper data handling practices. It also provides a range of notifications to third parties when irregular data use is detected.

Key arguments to invest into DLP solution

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Regulatory compliance

Ensure and demonstrate compliance with regulations, legislation and internal audit requirements (GDPR, ISO, SUVI, NIS 2 etc.).

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Data security

Protect your data and your company’s reputation and safeguard your organisation’s intellectual property.


Simplified data management

Data discovery, data classification and identification of personal data across the entire company.

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Employee awareness

Enhance employee awareness and guide their work and behaviour towards adopting secure practices.

Ensuring compliance with the GDPR and NIS 2 directive

Data loss prevention enables direct compliance with the GDPR and the NIS 2 Directive:

  • Enabling data discovery, data classification and identification of personal data across the company.
  • Providing security and sensitive data access control in real time and, depending on different security profiles, preventing personal data loss or theft.
  • Supporting the full data management lifecycle according to GDPR and NIS 2 requirements.
  • DLP prevents abuse and loss of personal and other types of data, during the prevention stage.
  • Providing detailed reports to regulators and supervisors when suspected abuse of personal and other data is detected and responded to.


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