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Data Protection

Data is at the core of any company or organization. Unauthorised access to data or theft, including customer personal data, financial data or trade secrets, results in measurable or potentially irreversible harm.

Data protection

To maintain a high level of data protection, modern information security mechanisms must cover all aspects of the information system, including data in transit, data in use, and data stored on end-point workstations.

All data access events in databases are recorded and stored in real time. The solution logs direct access of privileged users as well indirect access by non-privileged users using various clients or application processes. An authorised user can track the time, location, and user responsible for accessing data.

The benefits of implementing a system for tracking database events:

  • Tracking database access and event analysis
  • Providing an audit trail for production traffic and monitoring access
  • by privileged users
  • Controlling access to important data and blocking unauthorized activities
  • Protecting the database environment from abuse
  • Identifying and preventing security anomalies in the traffic reaching
  • your databases
  • Managing database server vulnerabilities
  • Best practice-based reviews of database servers’ structure and configurations
  • Discovery and assessment (DAS) for data stored in databases
  • Data discovery – discovering where structured data is stored
  • Identifying partial or complete database copies in individual subsidiaries
  • Data protection – data masking, data minimization, data encryption
  • Ability to implement a firewall on the database server
  • Ability to deploy security patch deployment
  • User rights management (URM) to control access to confidential data

Why trust us with your data security?

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Regulatory compliance

Ensure and demonstrate regulatory compliance (GDPR, NIS 2, etc.).

Data security

Protect your organisation’s intellectual property and maintain competitive advantage.

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Non-invasive method

This method does not increase the workload on database servers and applications.

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Suitable for all organisations

The solution operates independently from the database type and brand.


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