ADRIA MOBIL, d.o.o. Novo mesto

In 2012, Adria Mobil, d.o.o. began a gradual overhaul of the key building blocks of its IT environment. The first phase included the renewal of server resources with the introduction of virtualisation, the renewal of disk resources and the backup system. The system was overhauled with the most technologically advanced solutions. In the following years, the system only needed to be upgraded due to the increased volume of business and the resulting growth in data. In 2017, we also embarked on a complete overhaul of the network infrastructure. The overhaul of the IT environment has allowed our team of IT professionals to focus on value-added tasks, as the volume of operational work is significantly lower than before the overhaul. Increased reliability, easier management, faster data processing are all factors that have also helped to make IT more aligned with the needs of the business.
Kontron, d.o.o. has over time become one of our key partners in the field of IT infrastructure. We work together to find optimal solutions to ensure that our company’s business processes run smoothly.