Thinking about the Future. Together.

Here at Iskratel, we take the Future seriously – the Future of our technologically-laden societies on Earth.

Here at Iskratel, we take the Future seriously – the Future of our technologically-laden societies on Earth.

Living on Earth means living in balance and harmony with our surroundings, with Mother Nature. It is clear that we must take care of planet Earth, just like it takes care of us. More and more countries, private businesses and responsible individuals pivot towards accepting responsibility for their actions – our actions.

Iskratel is among these responsible businesses. At Iskratel, we dedicate efforts and resources to being more environmentally, socially and economically responsible. One of the most important aspects of our responsibility to the Future is reducing the amount of energy we consume individually. It is crucial that we reduce the amount of energy consumed by the devices which sustain our infrastructure, our telecommunications, our economy.

And our top-notch Combo PON OLT, Iskratel Lumia C16 is a living, breathing, green proof of Iskratel’s dedication to Humanity, to the Society, to responsible Governance – and to planet Earth. It fits perfectly some of the lowest levels of power consumption as set by the strictest ecology-related European guidelines, outlined in the Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment.

Iskratel thinks about your Future. Let’s think about it together.