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Fibre-Based Broadband

Kontron delivers the ultimate FTTH solutions for next-gen optical access, such as GPON, XGS-PON and point-to-point FTTH.

Secure Your Place in a Gigabit Society

Kontron equips the operators with optimum deployment scenario – be it greenfield fibre deployment or technology migration – and with zero or minimum disruption to existing services.

Fuelling Success with Stellar Products

Iskratel Lumia OLT connects end users over GPON/XGS-PON/P2P FTTH from a single yet exquisitely scalable platform, perfectly serving all deployment densities, from high-density urban to low-density rural areas.

Supporting various optical technologies simultaneously, Iskratel Lumia OLTs facilitate gradual growth and controlled upgrade to next-gen fibre networks. With higher data rates just a wavelength away, the infrastructure offers unlimited future potential.

Closing the Loop: Supreme Customer Experience

For customer premises, Kontron provides an award-winning family of Iskratel Innbox CPE products. The family includes FTTH, ETTH and universal home gateways and mesh devices.

Deployable in single- or dual-operator setups, a comprehensive range of Iskratel Innbox GPON CPE and XGS-PON CPE is available, spanning from low-end fibre termination to full-fledged, high-end home gateways.

Best-in-Class Fibre-Access Solutions